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Sometimes, off the shelf products are just not what you’re looking for. Sometimes you need a solution that is custom made to your exact specifications. Whether you need an IEEE 2030.5 compliant or BACNet compatible solution, whether it be for business intelligence or device controls, you can trust Thorium to architect and develop the software thats right for you.


Are you in the conceptualization phase of your project? Or maybe you have one currently under development? If you would like an external opinion or some guidance, give us a call.

Software consulting
Software consulting


Some projects are so high tech and out of the ordinary that typical data acquisition and control systems can’t accomplish what you would like them to. Thorium has extensive experience designing and implementing low cost, highly customizable data acquisition and control solutions for the renewable energy sector. If you would like to explore this avenue, give us a shout and it will be happy to discuss your project with you.

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